Long Range Shooting CompetitionGoing for a long shooting range has many health benefits including stress relieve. It is an adventure and an activity to utilize your leisure time, as well as refreshing your mind. According to health experts, participating in any sports can improve a person’s mental and physical wellbeing. Long shooting range being one of the popular sports, it can offer a wide range of health benefits.

Let us look at some of the proven health benefits;

Develops physical discipline

If you are a frequent fan of long shooting range, you are likely to increase your stamina, strength, and hand-eye dexterity. When your body is feeling strong, it means your immune system is also strong. This not only keeps you healthy, but also you live energetically.

Increase arm strength

long range shootingLong shooting range increases the power of your arms by increasing muscle strength. It is similar to doing workouts because strength is required in order to hold the weapon, aim, shoot, and resist the recoil impact.

Improves focus

When aiming the target, you need a lot of concentration and focus. You are supposed to engage your mind so that you don’t miss the target. This increases your focus, which also improves your overall accuracy when it comes to other activities.

Improves your eyesight

Due to eye focus and concentrate on the target, your eyesight is likely to improve. You are already exercising the eyes, and therefore improving their capabilities. So, the long shooting range is a nice activity to relieve eyes stress of staring office computers.

Increase mental capability

Shooting range sports basically involve the mind, and therefore you can increase your mental capabilities over time. The focus and concentration levels increase while aiming a target, and therefore you can improve your ability to find solutions in other disciplines.

long range

Improves your personal responsibility

During a long shooting range competition, many things are taught throughout the activity. You learn how to be careful and skilled to make safe shots every time. So, this can help you grow your personal responsibility when dealing with other people and their properties.

Promotes liberty

Traditional long shooting range offers a natural environment to teach people through an honest and historically method of freedom. People can master how to handle shooting tools, and thus creating a sense of liberation for everyone.

AR – 15 Scopes

Now, you have known some of the key health benefits of participating in a long shooting range competition. However, no one would want to miss a target. AR-15 rifles are commonly used in many shooting range competitions, not to mention the popularity of these guns among hunters.

While many people ask what kind of AR – 15 scopes is best to have, I would like to say that every scope is best for a particular task. However, there are others that will perform well in several tasks. So, here are some of the things that can guide you when selecting an AR-15 scope for your AR-15.

Expensive or Cheap?

Many of the expensive scopes are generally made better, and therefore they will perform well for several tasks. For instance, they are built with quality materials, are more accurate, and have perfect optics. They can also resist different weather elements and more durable.

Larger objective lens

If the objective lens is larger, it means it can gather more light such that you can view the target clearer. This is important during low light condition, which determines whether or not you will hit the target.

A larger tube

shooting with scopesA large tube transmits more light and allows more adjustment for elevation and windage. However, a 30mm tube has more weight than a 1-inch tube. You should note that the cross-sectional area is greater by 39%, meaning all the glass in the tube is at least 39% heavier.

The scope should not outrange your ammo

Basically, it is advisable to get a scope that will work at the maximum shooting range. However, you need to remember such scopes will be heavier, larger, and pricier. In short, buy a scope that you can use.


If your scope has a high magnification power, you can view the target from a far distance. You can also view and identify the target easily. However, a variable power scope provides the two advantages but it is more sophisticated, meaning it is costly and heavier.

In conclusion, there two basic aspects to consider when looking for the right scopes; weight and cost. If you have a more improved scope, it will add more weight to your rifle. That extra mass has its own disadvantages when it comes to the general handling of the weapon. On the other hand, the cost must be considered based on your budget. But, you can as well find high-quality scopes at cheaper prices.