ceilidh dancingEven when the modern pop and rock music seems to overrun and eradicate Scottish cultures, many Scottish weddings must be spiced up with some traditional music and dance. Ceilidh is one of the most common music outlets in many rural hinterlands throughout the country. Some of the music is also mixed with modern pop music and blended with a Scottish country dancing, which involves special dance steps that alternate with the songs.

As a popular wedding party music, you can watch the dancers performing by an assortment of flute, fiddle, whistle, tin, or an accordion while guitarists and drummers complement the entire outlet. The music itself is lively and cheerful, and that is why any Scottish wedding will never go without it. The ‘prince’ and ‘princess’ can make their wedding a memorable with a Ceilidh couple dance that is performed in a ring. Interestingly, this couple’s dance can be enjoyed by men and women at the wedding party by moving towards each other at the end of each steps repetition. It is just amazing.

Ceilidh-DancingIn Scotland, privately organized ceilidhs are quite popular nowadays. Ceilidh bands are hired to provide incredible post-entertainment for wedding parties in order to provide versatile performances as well as flexible sorts of dances. Since the wedding couples are also ‘part of the dance’, as a sign of inclusiveness, they need to understand how these dancing steps are done prior to their special day. Nothing sophisticated beyond following a rhythm and music beat, and therefore anyone can do it for fun!

However, I would like to remind you about the right dancing shoes. Of course, you might be quite busy choosing the wedding attires but don’t forget to consider the aspect of dancing. In most weddings, a princess will want to give their guests an occasional peek of an exquisite pair of shoes. That is very true because your shoes must not be boring, but they should combine both style, fashion, and function. If you really admire dancing the Ceilidh music during the evening entertainment, here are the tips to help you choose the best pair of shoes.

Choosing the Right Shoes

Pick the right shoes for your day

While shopping around for the best wedding shoes, you will come across many mind-blowing options. Perhaps, you may like a pair of skyscraper heels – this is fine! However, you need to figure out the ease of walking down the aisle in them. Remember, you will pose for endless photographs and dance in them too. Trembling around in too high heels may not look good, not to mention the embarrassment of catching your dress.

Wear them first

Many couples will buy their wedding shoes and keep them until that special day. This is not bad, but it is necessary to wear them a week before and walk in them around the house – on the carpet. They will be molded appropriately to fit your feet without unwelcoming discomforts during your ‘big’ day. Wearing them around the house does not spoil them either! If you have problematic feet, you might want to check yourcomfyfeet.com

Ask about the venue requirement

Ceilidh dancing shoesThis is very important because there are some venues that ban some types of high heels, especially the stiletto ones, to protect the wooden floor. If you are going to dance some Ceilidh music, such high heels are not fit for a wooden floor. Apart from destroying the floor, you may tip easily while dancing or walking!

Check the season

For instance, if you are having a wedding during a winter season, you need some wedding boots so that you can walk through the puddles easily. This means you will wear your wedding heels while in the venue, but switch to wedding boots when in the outdoor grounds.

Match the shoes and the wedding dress

This can seem too obvious to consider, but it can be awkward if your shoes and dress do not match perfectly. Take a swatch of the wedding dress fabric while searching for the shoes to ensure that it matches up well. In short, make sure the color does not clash!

Last but not least, if you have a traditional wedding dress, your shoes can help you to make a statement. No need to wear ivory, instead, scarlet heels can splash some visual fancy color. Also, do not forget to have a pedicure before the wedding day!