Tennis Tournament for WomenAs the tennis for women continues to receive positive changes, so too is the tennis fashion. There are many annual and seasonal tournaments held in different places globally, meaning that this game is ever growing. Tennis fashion has also changed dramatically and therefore trousers and dresses are no longer worn during the competitions.

Today, players can select from a wide range of superior clothing that helps them to manage weather changes. According to various tennis gurus, players are advised to choose what to wear based on function but not entirely fashion. Many women love wearing shorts while others choose tennis skirts. Whichever choice you make, the major aspects are practicality, comfort, and freedom of motion. If you want a skirt or dress, perhaps you need to attach a ball clip to the waistband. Another essential item is sports bra because it offers both comfort and support.

Anyway, What Should You Wear During a Tennis Tournament?

tennis fashionIf the tournament is being held on an outdoor court, it is highly recommended to wear a visor, hat, or a headband to prevent eyes from the sun rays. Though these may not be a major requirement, they make a lot of sense as the sun rays might blind you while playing. This could result in poor performance. So, it is important to consider them in your next tennis tournament.

Second, you need to wear a top that will keep you feeling cooler as you play. Cotton blend sleeved or sleeveless can do the trick to ensure you feel comfortable throughout the match. However, you need to check the rules of the tournament as some don’t allow sleeveless shirts. In other words, ensure you wear a shirt that can allow easy movement, comfort, and with sweat absorption properties.

Third, you need to choose the right shoes for playing tennis. Remember in most tournaments, it is a requirement for every player to wear tennis shoes with socks. Proper tennis shoes should be able to offer maximum comfort, ankle support, and allow easy movement. Also, choose socks that can wick away sweat so that your feet stay feeling cool and comfortable.

Fourth, one of the most important accessories is the wristband on the arm. It is used for holding the racquet in position, especially when you make a strong impact when hitting the ball. For women who suffer from ankle sprains, it is important to remember wearing an ankle support before the match starts.

Tennis Racquets

tennis racket for womenThere are many types of racquets in the market today, but not all are perfect for your playing needs. Also, sometimes your choice should not be solely determined by the price. There are expensive racquets that do not offer the perfect experience while other cheaper ones have high-quality features. Consider your needs first before you start comparing the prices. As you start shopping for your new racquet, consider the following tips.

First, check the power of the racquet. The best racquet with extra power should allow easy maneuverability, larger sweet spot, and some additional reach. It should generate sufficient power due to its frame’s sheer weight. A perfect tennis racquet weights about 12 ounces or more. If you are a lighter player, you may need a racquet with a stiffer frame, some added length, and a pattern of an open string.

Second, consider the comfort. If you have arm issue or you just want a more secure experience, choose a comfortable racquet. They are designed to dampen vibration and have a larger sweet spot. Generally, comfortable racquets feature more versatile frames in order to offer softer and more forgiveness. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, a perfect racquet should provide a particular technology for dampening the vibration.

Lastly, feel the racquet’s ease of control. Best racquets should allow a player to move and swing aggressively without missing a hit. So, choose a racquet that allows sufficient placement and control as you play. While playing, it is easy to tell if the racquet is giving a nice feedback because it should provide an instant gauge of placement and depth. Beware, some will offer clean and crisp feel while others offer a heavy smooth feel. Though the preference may depend on a player’s taste, ensure you choose a racquet that provides a precise control and feel.