Baseball Games for KidsA baseball game is not only popular among adults but also kids are benefiting from it. In the recent past, adults and youth were the most active players simply because of too much swinging and movements that seemed not suitable for the children. There are many benefits kids can get when playing a baseball game, including physical, mental, and emotional benefits. In addition to these perks, a baseball game is an activity that boosts thinking capacity and accuracy.

Since it is played by a team against another, there is a sense of team working that kids can pursue. There are various social facilities that offer festivals, which draw kids from different regions. This is one of the finest ways to encourage coexistence among people of different social and cultural backgrounds. According to different baseball advocates, baseball competitions can be a good representative of a united people as it is played by people from different races.

Baseball and KidsAllowing kids to participate in baseball competitions can improve their coordination skills – eye and hand dexterity. The game’s rules ensure that players are responsive to take quick actions to counterattack their opponents. Even though there is training involved, the kids can find a lot of fun in baseball games. It doesn’t matter how they play or how they beat each other, the core thing is to enhance their mental and physical capabilities at their young age. Eventually, they will grow their skills and become professional baseball players.

As much as we want kids to continue playing baseball, it is only a few years they reach their youthful age whereby they have the potential to become proficient players. That is why baseball apparel is being manufactured taking youth into consideration. One of the basic baseball tools is the bat, which is used to hit the ball. They come in different categories nowadays; adult baseball bats and youth baseball bats.

In this article, we shall look at the features of youth baseball bats, and then I will outline a few of the most popular youth baseball bats. Keep reading…

Wood and aluminum baseball bats

When going out to buy a youth baseball bat, remember wood bats are not the best for the youth. Aluminum is the most preferred as they are light-weight compared to their wood counterparts. You don’t need to consider the price, instead, it is a matter of what is suitable for your playing experience unless you are a highly experienced player. For the novices, the aluminum allows easy swinging and moving and the player can generate a significant speed.

Length, weight, and drop features

Length is measured in inches, weight is measured in ounces, and the drop is the difference between the weight and the length. The drop is actually calculated by subtracting the weight from the length.

Size of the bat

This is important because you need to determine the right length, check the weight, and then consider the drop. The Larger drop is a good sign of a light bat. So, you can check the drop specs to know if the bat is right for you. Basically, youngsters require a lighter bat so that they can generate more speed as they swing.

The 5 Most Popular Youth Baseball Bats

SC500 Easton Redline

This is made of an alloy (aluminum/scandium), which come in a drop 5 and drop 8 options.

2014 Easton MAKO

The 2014 Easton MAKO has been the top youth baseball bat for a decade and is a nice pick even today.

2016 DeMarini CF8

This baseball bat is a drop 10, and it has been rated as one of the best choices in the market.

2017 Anderson Techzilla

This is another youth baseball bat made of aluminum alloy, making it a lightweight choice for the youngsters.

2015 Drop 5 DeMarini CF7

It is a drop 5 and a nice bat due to the middle range balance point on its barrel.

TPX Triton

This is a nice pick bat that produces a motivating sound upon impact with a ball.

In conclusion, it is also important to know the baseball apparel requirements. You will need gloves (for catchers), knee pads, helmet, chest vest, and baseball shoes. If you are set to buy new baseball apparel, be careful to choose the right quality as there are many bogus products in the market nowadays.