Air Rifle shootingAir guns have been referred as ‘guns for beginners’ for several decades, but nowadays their advanced technology design has made them a choice for everyone. They are used for a wide range of applications including sports and recreation, and they are excellent for shooting. Over the years, they have undergone intensive improvements in durability, reliability, and accuracy tolerance. Air guns provide flexibility because they can be used by shooters of all ages and experience.

But note that, Air Guns are not toys!

During an air rifle target shooting competition, safety is the first thing to ponder. Young shooters are usually supervised by highly skilled adults when using an air gun. However, everybody must read and understand the instructions that come with the guns, as well as understand proper and safe ways of using air guns. Improper handling due to ignorance or carelessness can lead to fatal injuries or even death. But, you can just enjoy with your gun if you handle it properly and safely. You might want to check top notch air rifles online.

In short, gun safety rules should be read and understood by all adults and children. Even if you are going to supervise during a shooting competition, you must demonstrate a proper understanding of gun safety rules. For those seeking to start shooting competition should find a local tournament to watch first regardless of the level of airgun competition. Watching a tournament provides a chance to learn how such tournaments are operated, as well as see the different equipment of the shooters.

Air Rifle TargetMost of the tournaments are held at the local level, meaning they are under control by the responsible persons. After the match, you can enquire issues about air gun competitions to the shooters and the competition sponsors, and ask them the process of joining the club. Many clubs would want to hear from newcomers present in the sports, and they help them get started in the right manner.

Types of Air Guns

If you a newbie in the air gun shooting sports, it is worth noting that there are several types of air guns. The most popular ones are the pre-charged pneumatic and spring piston. Though they are commonly used in target shooting, there are other types you need to know.

Gas-ram powered air guns

Gas-ram is similar to spring piston, though it doesn’t have a spring. A sealed gas spring unit replaces the original coiled steel spring. The gun uses a pressurized nitrogen or air in a special chamber in the piston. When the gun is cocked, the air is further pressurized so that the gas can expand and push the piston forward once the gun is fired.

Pre-charged pneumatic air guns

air rifle shooting rangeThis air gun provides a more accurate shooting because it is recoilless and easy to cock. It is also possible to have several shots with a single charge, meaning a hunter is more likely to benefit from this gun. It uses a compressed air in a cylinder. On firing, the air is released under pressure by the main firing valve which pushes the pellet down the gun’s barrel.

Multi-stroke air guns

This is a type of pre-charged pneumatic airgun, which is also referred to as pump-up air gun because the shooter needs to pump the gun so that the compressed air can be generated for propelling the pellet out of the gun’s barrel. Most of these guns are not very powerful, and also the degree of preciseness is not very perfect due to many variables created when pumping the system to make constant shots.

Single-stroke air guns

This is a more precise type of pump-up pneumatic air gun with a single stroke system. To compress air for propelling the pellet, you need to pump the cocking lever once. It is more accurate than its multi-stroke counterpart, and that is why it is mostly used in top-end 10-meter shooting competitions. It has no recoil and can generate constant shots. However, they have a relatively lower power.

Spring-piston air guns

These are typically most popular air guns because they are simple to use, as well as relatively cheaper to buy. To charge this type of air gun, you need to hold the stock in one hand and the barrel in the second hand, and then open the air gun (in a ‘breaking’ manner). The piston moves back and compresses the stout steel spring, meaning the gun is already cocked. You will hear the trigger sear click inside the piston, ready for firing.