History of the Highland Games

scotland highland gamesThe origin of highland games dates back to the 11th Century during the time of King Malcolm III of Scotland. As reported in various highland games programs, the king organized a foot race contest that was held during the Craig Choinnich summit. The reason behind the contest was to identify the fastest runner to be his formal messenger. Though this is a mythical tale, many people believe that it is the derivation of modern highland games. Basically, highland games originated in Scotland but today’s games are mainly a Victorian creation.

Highland games are usually held in summer and spring in Scotland, but they are also practiced in other countries as a method of celebrating Celtic and Scottish culture. The game has various aspects that trace characteristics of Scottish Highland culture. These aspects include the kilt, bagpipes, and heavy events such as caber toss. While they involve competitions in dancing, piping, drumming, and heavy athletics, highland games also include exhibits and entertainment events related to Scottish culture.

In every August, Cowal Games, also known as Cowal Highland Gathering, are held in Dunoon. It is said to be the largest highland games in the world as it attracts more than 3,000 contestants and around 20,000 fans from different countries. Apart from the huge fan base in Scotland, highland games are also popular in the United States, especially in North Carolina where more than 30,000 fans attend the better known Grandfather Mountain. The event takes place annually since 1866 and it is hosted by Caledonian Club in San Francisco.

Types of Highland Games Events

highland games in scotlandFor many centuries, sports and athletics have been the core competitions in highland games. Though there are other events incorporated in these games, many people consider athletics as the main component of highland games. This is simply because athletics are the ‘games’ while other events are normally entertainment festivities. For that reason, athletic competitions remain to be a major integral part of highland game events, especially the caber toss that is solely characterized as the symbol of highland games.

Below are a few of the standard events of highland games;

Caber toss

This involves balancing a long log (caber) upright whereby a competitor hoists it vertically while holding the smaller end. The competitor runs while attempting to toss the log to turn end-over-end so that the larger upper end strikes the ground first. The smaller end is expected to hit the ground in a 12 o’clock position, which is measured in regard to the direction a competitor is running. The athlete is said to have turned the caber if the tossing and striking turns successful.

Stone put

Stone put is almost similar to modern shot put in Olympic Games. Instead of using a steel shot, a stone of variable weight is used. The stone put techniques are two versions; Braemar Stone and Open Stone. For the Braemar Stone, a 20 to 26 lb stone is used for men while a 13 to 18 lb stone is used for women. On the other hand, Open Stone uses a 16 to 22 lb stone for men and a 8 to 12 lb stone for women.

Scottish hammer throw

It is almost similar to modern day hammer throw in the field and track competitions. The Scottish event uses a metal round ball of 16 to 22 lb and 12 to 16 lb for men and women respectively. The ball is attached to a 4 feet shaft, which can be of different materials such as bamboo, wood, plastic, or rattan. The ball is whirled about a thrower’s head and then thrown for a distance over the shoulder.

Weight throw

Weight throw is also referred to as weight for distance event. The event has two categories depending on the experience and ability of the player. One event is a lightweight throw, usually 28 lb and 14 lb for men and women respectively. The second event is for heavier weight of 56 lb and 42 lb for masters men and women respectively. The weights are metallic with an attached handle. The throwers must use one hand, but no restriction by which technique is employed while throwing.

Weight over the bar

Weight over the bar is also referred to as weight for height. An athlete attempts to toss a 56-pound weight using one hand. Every athlete is allowed to make only three trials at each height. Once an athlete clears a certain height, he or she advances to the next round (greater height).

In conclusion, many people who participate in the above games are the former field and track college athletes. These Scottish highland games allow them to continue pursuing their careers. However, the highland games have also become popular in the USA, which has led to the development of more heavy game classes.

Safety for Competitors during Shooting Games

safe shootingThe safety regulations during shooting competitions are enforced by specifically responsible persons of the club under strict monitoring by the state authority. Most of these requirements focus mainly on gun handling because it can be very dangerous if someone fires astray ammo due to ignorance or carelessness, which can lead to fatal injuries or even death. This is why many clubs offer intensive training to participants including the supervisors ahead of the competitions to ensure that everybody understands the firearm safety rules properly. Since shooting competitions also involve youngsters, a careful supervision is mandatory.

Hearing Protection at Shooting Range

Hearing Protection at Shooting RangeHowever, there is very little emphasis on hearing protection during a shooting competition. This leaves me thinking that hearing protection is a personal responsibility, and that is why this article provides ‘free’ information in order to let you know the dangers of exposing your ears to extremely loud noise Basically, it seems no one cares about your ears during a shooting competition! As much as you want to grab a prize at the end of the tournament, protecting your health should be the first priority before anything else.

I don’t need to explain in depth that firearms are loud because it is very obvious. But a few people may not know how that loud noise can affect their hearing ability. In reality, the sound is too loud enough to damage your hearing completely. Worst of all, there is no medical treatment for permanent hearing impairment. Therefore, having ear protection during a shooting range should be a must.

Shooting Earmuffs Requirement

The sound intensity is measured in decibels, which are expressed in a logarithm scale. This means a 10 decibels sound is 10 times louder than a near silence, but 20 decibels is 100 times louder than a near silence. So, this could mean for every 3 decibels as you go up, the sound intensity doubles the loud.

ar 15 competitionEven though not all firearms produce the same level of noise, a typical AR-15 rifle commonly used in shooting competitions can severely damage a person’s hearing ability. A .22 caliber rifle produces approximately 145 decibels level of noise while a .44 revolver produces about 170 decibels. Almost all other firearms’ noise levels fall somewhere between the range.

So, why is ear protection so important? Any noise level of 140 decibels or higher can cause ringing or pain in your ears. If the ears are exposed to the same noise severally, there are high chances of losing your hearing. According to medical experts, prolonged exposure to a noise level that is more than 85 decibels can cause hearing loss. Given that a firearm produces almost twice as this, showing up at a shooting range without hearing protection can potentially damage your hearing.

protect your earIf you have been using a firearm for quite some time, hopefully, you understand the importance of protecting your ears. Many people who participate in shooting range competitions without ear protection have had ear ringing problems at least once. According to health experts, whenever you start hearing that ‘ringing’, you need to move away from the noisy place immediately because the hearing damage is already happening.

For shooting enthusiasts, you need to appreciate your ears by acquiring shooting earmuffs. These are specialized ear protection devices for shooters, designed to reduce noise by about 32 decibels. Although they are a bit bulky, they offer maximum hearing protection compared to other devices such as earplugs. Note that, the key concern is to protect your ears fully rather than how your outfit appears after wearing the earmuffs!

It is very important to understand that earplugs are mainly fit for hunters. This is because hunters do not shoot constantly as it happened during the shooting range competitions. Actually, there is a lot of noise in these competitions and no one should expose his or her ears to such loud noise. As I mentioned earlier, firearms produce extremely high noise that is capable of destroying your hearing permanently.

In conclusion, wearing shooting earmuffs is stress-free because their work is to filter only the loud noise. They block any noise that is beyond a certain level – a level that can have a negative impact on your ears. You can just hear normal sounds, which means you can communicate with the person next to you comfortably.


Tennis Tournament for Women

Tennis Tournament for WomenAs the tennis for women continues to receive positive changes, so too is the tennis fashion. There are many annual and seasonal tournaments held in different places globally, meaning that this game is ever growing. Tennis fashion has also changed dramatically and therefore trousers and dresses are no longer worn during the competitions.

Today, players can select from a wide range of superior clothing that helps them to manage weather changes. According to various tennis gurus, players are advised to choose what to wear based on function but not entirely fashion. Many women love wearing shorts while others choose tennis skirts. Whichever choice you make, the major aspects are practicality, comfort, and freedom of motion. If you want a skirt or dress, perhaps you need to attach a ball clip to the waistband. Another essential item is sports bra because it offers both comfort and support.

Anyway, What Should You Wear During a Tennis Tournament?

tennis fashionIf the tournament is being held on an outdoor court, it is highly recommended to wear a visor, hat, or a headband to prevent eyes from the sun rays. Though these may not be a major requirement, they make a lot of sense as the sun rays might blind you while playing. This could result in poor performance. So, it is important to consider them in your next tennis tournament.

Second, you need to wear a top that will keep you feeling cooler as you play. Cotton blend sleeved or sleeveless can do the trick to ensure you feel comfortable throughout the match. However, you need to check the rules of the tournament as some don’t allow sleeveless shirts. In other words, ensure you wear a shirt that can allow easy movement, comfort, and with sweat absorption properties.

Third, you need to choose the right shoes for playing tennis. Remember in most tournaments, it is a requirement for every player to wear tennis shoes with socks. Proper tennis shoes should be able to offer maximum comfort, ankle support, and allow easy movement. Also, choose socks that can wick away sweat so that your feet stay feeling cool and comfortable.

Fourth, one of the most important accessories is the wristband on the arm. It is used for holding the racquet in position, especially when you make a strong impact when hitting the ball. For women who suffer from ankle sprains, it is important to remember wearing an ankle support before the match starts.

Tennis Racquets

tennis racket for womenThere are many types of racquets in the market today, but not all are perfect for your playing needs. Also, sometimes your choice should not be solely determined by the price. There are expensive racquets that do not offer the perfect experience while other cheaper ones have high-quality features. Consider your needs first before you start comparing the prices. As you start shopping for your new racquet, consider the following tips.

First, check the power of the racquet. The best racquet with extra power should allow easy maneuverability, larger sweet spot, and some additional reach. It should generate sufficient power due to its frame’s sheer weight. A perfect tennis racquet weights about 12 ounces or more. If you are a lighter player, you may need a racquet with a stiffer frame, some added length, and a pattern of an open string.

Second, consider the comfort. If you have arm issue or you just want a more secure experience, choose a comfortable racquet. They are designed to dampen vibration and have a larger sweet spot. Generally, comfortable racquets feature more versatile frames in order to offer softer and more forgiveness. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, a perfect racquet should provide a particular technology for dampening the vibration.

Lastly, feel the racquet’s ease of control. Best racquets should allow a player to move and swing aggressively without missing a hit. So, choose a racquet that allows sufficient placement and control as you play. While playing, it is easy to tell if the racquet is giving a nice feedback because it should provide an instant gauge of placement and depth. Beware, some will offer clean and crisp feel while others offer a heavy smooth feel. Though the preference may depend on a player’s taste, ensure you choose a racquet that provides a precise control and feel.


Night Hunting in the Highlands of Durham

Night HuntingNight hunting is fun but it can be challenging, especially if you don’t know the area properly. Traditional night hunting usually involved one or more excursions prior to actual exploration, and that is why the activity was quite hectic for the hunters to down animals. As the hunting became popular and technology was integrated into it, things have changed incredibly over the years. One of the most remarkable changes was the introduction of hunting cameras in the 1880s.

The use of the traditional trip-wire cameras was later replaced with trail cameras, which offered more accurate photo and video shots. Technology has improved significantly nowadays because there are wireless cameras that use infrared sensors with several detection zones that can measure infrared energy changes. When an animal approaches near the camera front, it crosses from one detection zone to another, allowing the lens to detect the movement that triggers the camera shutter.

Recently, hunters realized that some of the trail camera infrared sensors were affected by environmental temperature changes. For instance, when a storm sways during a cold or hot weather the sensors becomes sensitive to the temperature changes. Interestingly, modern wireless trail cameras have automatic PIR sensors to ensure hunters get images no matter the temperature changes.

Wireless Trail Cameras

night hunting tipsIf you are preparing to visit the highlands of Durham for night hunting, there are plenty of animals and birds to make your hunting season complete. While you are so excited to down those highland animals at night, you need to have wireless trail cameras to monitor the animals and the area itself.

Time-lapse mode

One of the benefits of wireless trail cameras is the time-lapse mode. Many modern trail cameras have this feature that helps to capture images at regular intervals. The new cameras can take time-lapse and motion-activated photos at the same time. While the camera is taking live trigger images, the users can as well program double windows of time-lapse-capture to take images at preset intervals such as after every 10 minutes.

Remote access

The initial wireless trail cameras were designed to provide hunters with remote access to their images that were transmitted through a cellular service to a website. But the newest models have eliminated the additional step of accessing photos from a website as hunters can download the photos. If the highlands of Durham have wireless reception, you can comfortably include them in your backpack.

Image organization and mapping

Some of the modern wireless trail cameras have programs, which help hunters to manage their images and also track the movement of animals. While in the Durham highlands, you will need to track the movements of the animals, and therefore such cameras can be of great help. Other newer cameras have programs to embed geotag on every photo and display them on Google Maps automatically. Once you program the coordinates of the GPS, the camera can even add drawings and markers to track the movement of animals.

Black flash

Nowadays, many wireless trail cameras use infrared flash technology to capture images at night. Some of the camera’s IR feature can only detect an animal at about 800 nanometers (nm), and that is why you can see a red glow when you look at the light emitting diodes of the camera at night. However, this drawback has been eliminated by the newest wireless trail cameras with the new infrared flash technology. They can detect an animal at 940 nanometers (nm) or longer, ensuring that the glow is undetectable to both animals and people.

Wireless connectivity

hunting during nightMost of the modern trail cameras have been equipped with Wi-Fi, giving the wildlife and game camera arena a new shape. With the wireless connectivity available, a SIM card and free initial data supplied, and pre-paid data packages, there are also free apps for both Android and iOS mobile devices. This allows the hunters to send photos in real time from the camera to their tablets or smartphones, from where they can choose to upload the photos and share them on the web. Interestingly, the user can manipulate the camera’s settings just by a few taps on a mobile device.

In conclusion, you need to ensure that your trail cameras have new batteries before setting up. Many of them use replaceable batteries that are available in various retail shops. If you don’t know the security of Durham highlands and you doubt theft of your treasured devices, you can use trail cameras with black LEDs to ensure they are undetectable by unauthorized people.

Air Rifle Target Shooting Competition

Air Rifle shootingAir guns have been referred as ‘guns for beginners’ for several decades, but nowadays their advanced technology design has made them a choice for everyone. They are used for a wide range of applications including sports and recreation, and they are excellent for shooting. Over the years, they have undergone intensive improvements in durability, reliability, and accuracy tolerance. Air guns provide flexibility because they can be used by shooters of all ages and experience.

But note that, Air Guns are not toys!

During an air rifle target shooting competition, safety is the first thing to ponder. Young shooters are usually supervised by highly skilled adults when using an air gun. However, everybody must read and understand the instructions that come with the guns, as well as understand proper and safe ways of using air guns. Improper handling due to ignorance or carelessness can lead to fatal injuries or even death. But, you can just enjoy with your gun if you handle it properly and safely. You might want to check top notch air rifles online.

In short, gun safety rules should be read and understood by all adults and children. Even if you are going to supervise during a shooting competition, you must demonstrate a proper understanding of gun safety rules. For those seeking to start shooting competition should find a local tournament to watch first regardless of the level of airgun competition. Watching a tournament provides a chance to learn how such tournaments are operated, as well as see the different equipment of the shooters.

Air Rifle TargetMost of the tournaments are held at the local level, meaning they are under control by the responsible persons. After the match, you can enquire issues about air gun competitions to the shooters and the competition sponsors, and ask them the process of joining the club. Many clubs would want to hear from newcomers present in the sports, and they help them get started in the right manner.

Types of Air Guns

If you a newbie in the air gun shooting sports, it is worth noting that there are several types of air guns. The most popular ones are the pre-charged pneumatic and spring piston. Though they are commonly used in target shooting, there are other types you need to know.

Gas-ram powered air guns

Gas-ram is similar to spring piston, though it doesn’t have a spring. A sealed gas spring unit replaces the original coiled steel spring. The gun uses a pressurized nitrogen or air in a special chamber in the piston. When the gun is cocked, the air is further pressurized so that the gas can expand and push the piston forward once the gun is fired.

Pre-charged pneumatic air guns

air rifle shooting rangeThis air gun provides a more accurate shooting because it is recoilless and easy to cock. It is also possible to have several shots with a single charge, meaning a hunter is more likely to benefit from this gun. It uses a compressed air in a cylinder. On firing, the air is released under pressure by the main firing valve which pushes the pellet down the gun’s barrel.

Multi-stroke air guns

This is a type of pre-charged pneumatic airgun, which is also referred to as pump-up air gun because the shooter needs to pump the gun so that the compressed air can be generated for propelling the pellet out of the gun’s barrel. Most of these guns are not very powerful, and also the degree of preciseness is not very perfect due to many variables created when pumping the system to make constant shots.

Single-stroke air guns

This is a more precise type of pump-up pneumatic air gun with a single stroke system. To compress air for propelling the pellet, you need to pump the cocking lever once. It is more accurate than its multi-stroke counterpart, and that is why it is mostly used in top-end 10-meter shooting competitions. It has no recoil and can generate constant shots. However, they have a relatively lower power.

Spring-piston air guns

These are typically most popular air guns because they are simple to use, as well as relatively cheaper to buy. To charge this type of air gun, you need to hold the stock in one hand and the barrel in the second hand, and then open the air gun (in a ‘breaking’ manner). The piston moves back and compresses the stout steel spring, meaning the gun is already cocked. You will hear the trigger sear click inside the piston, ready for firing.

Traditional Long Range Shooting Competition

Long Range Shooting CompetitionGoing for a long shooting range has many health benefits including stress relieve. It is an adventure and an activity to utilize your leisure time, as well as refreshing your mind. According to health experts, participating in any sports can improve a person’s mental and physical wellbeing. Long shooting range being one of the popular sports, it can offer a wide range of health benefits.

Let us look at some of the proven health benefits;

Develops physical discipline

If you are a frequent fan of long shooting range, you are likely to increase your stamina, strength, and hand-eye dexterity. When your body is feeling strong, it means your immune system is also strong. This not only keeps you healthy, but also you live energetically.

Increase arm strength

long range shootingLong shooting range increases the power of your arms by increasing muscle strength. It is similar to doing workouts because strength is required in order to hold the weapon, aim, shoot, and resist the recoil impact.

Improves focus

When aiming the target, you need a lot of concentration and focus. You are supposed to engage your mind so that you don’t miss the target. This increases your focus, which also improves your overall accuracy when it comes to other activities.

Improves your eyesight

Due to eye focus and concentrate on the target, your eyesight is likely to improve. You are already exercising the eyes, and therefore improving their capabilities. So, the long shooting range is a nice activity to relieve eyes stress of staring office computers.

Increase mental capability

Shooting range sports basically involve the mind, and therefore you can increase your mental capabilities over time. The focus and concentration levels increase while aiming a target, and therefore you can improve your ability to find solutions in other disciplines.

long range

Improves your personal responsibility

During a long shooting range competition, many things are taught throughout the activity. You learn how to be careful and skilled to make safe shots every time. So, this can help you grow your personal responsibility when dealing with other people and their properties.

Promotes liberty

Traditional long shooting range offers a natural environment to teach people through an honest and historically method of freedom. People can master how to handle shooting tools, and thus creating a sense of liberation for everyone.

AR – 15 Scopes

Now, you have known some of the key health benefits of participating in a long shooting range competition. However, no one would want to miss a target. AR-15 rifles are commonly used in many shooting range competitions, not to mention the popularity of these guns among hunters.

While many people ask what kind of AR – 15 scopes is best to have, I would like to say that every scope is best for a particular task. However, there are others that will perform well in several tasks. So, here are some of the things that can guide you when selecting an AR-15 scope for your AR-15.

Expensive or Cheap?

Many of the expensive scopes are generally made better, and therefore they will perform well for several tasks. For instance, they are built with quality materials, are more accurate, and have perfect optics. They can also resist different weather elements and more durable.

Larger objective lens

If the objective lens is larger, it means it can gather more light such that you can view the target clearer. This is important during low light condition, which determines whether or not you will hit the target.

A larger tube

shooting with scopesA large tube transmits more light and allows more adjustment for elevation and windage. However, a 30mm tube has more weight than a 1-inch tube. You should note that the cross-sectional area is greater by 39%, meaning all the glass in the tube is at least 39% heavier.

The scope should not outrange your ammo

Basically, it is advisable to get a scope that will work at the maximum shooting range. However, you need to remember such scopes will be heavier, larger, and pricier. In short, buy a scope that you can use.


If your scope has a high magnification power, you can view the target from a far distance. You can also view and identify the target easily. However, a variable power scope provides the two advantages but it is more sophisticated, meaning it is costly and heavier.

In conclusion, there two basic aspects to consider when looking for the right scopes; weight and cost. If you have a more improved scope, it will add more weight to your rifle. That extra mass has its own disadvantages when it comes to the general handling of the weapon. On the other hand, the cost must be considered based on your budget. But, you can as well find high-quality scopes at cheaper prices.

Baseball Games for Kids

Baseball Games for KidsA baseball game is not only popular among adults but also kids are benefiting from it. In the recent past, adults and youth were the most active players simply because of too much swinging and movements that seemed not suitable for the children. There are many benefits kids can get when playing a baseball game, including physical, mental, and emotional benefits. In addition to these perks, a baseball game is an activity that boosts thinking capacity and accuracy.

Since it is played by a team against another, there is a sense of team working that kids can pursue. There are various social facilities that offer festivals, which draw kids from different regions. This is one of the finest ways to encourage coexistence among people of different social and cultural backgrounds. According to different baseball advocates, baseball competitions can be a good representative of a united people as it is played by people from different races.

Baseball and KidsAllowing kids to participate in baseball competitions can improve their coordination skills – eye and hand dexterity. The game’s rules ensure that players are responsive to take quick actions to counterattack their opponents. Even though there is training involved, the kids can find a lot of fun in baseball games. It doesn’t matter how they play or how they beat each other, the core thing is to enhance their mental and physical capabilities at their young age. Eventually, they will grow their skills and become professional baseball players.

As much as we want kids to continue playing baseball, it is only a few years they reach their youthful age whereby they have the potential to become proficient players. That is why baseball apparel is being manufactured taking youth into consideration. One of the basic baseball tools is the bat, which is used to hit the ball. They come in different categories nowadays; adult baseball bats and youth baseball bats.

In this article, we shall look at the features of youth baseball bats, and then I will outline a few of the most popular youth baseball bats. Keep reading…

Wood and aluminum baseball bats

When going out to buy a youth baseball bat, remember wood bats are not the best for the youth. Aluminum is the most preferred as they are light-weight compared to their wood counterparts. You don’t need to consider the price, instead, it is a matter of what is suitable for your playing experience unless you are a highly experienced player. For the novices, the aluminum allows easy swinging and moving and the player can generate a significant speed.

Length, weight, and drop features

Length is measured in inches, weight is measured in ounces, and the drop is the difference between the weight and the length. The drop is actually calculated by subtracting the weight from the length.

Size of the bat

This is important because you need to determine the right length, check the weight, and then consider the drop. The Larger drop is a good sign of a light bat. So, you can check the drop specs to know if the bat is right for you. Basically, youngsters require a lighter bat so that they can generate more speed as they swing.

The 5 Most Popular Youth Baseball Bats

SC500 Easton Redline

This is made of an alloy (aluminum/scandium), which come in a drop 5 and drop 8 options.

2014 Easton MAKO

The 2014 Easton MAKO has been the top youth baseball bat for a decade and is a nice pick even today.

2016 DeMarini CF8

This baseball bat is a drop 10, and it has been rated as one of the best choices in the market.

2017 Anderson Techzilla

This is another youth baseball bat made of aluminum alloy, making it a lightweight choice for the youngsters.

2015 Drop 5 DeMarini CF7

It is a drop 5 and a nice bat due to the middle range balance point on its barrel.

TPX Triton

This is a nice pick bat that produces a motivating sound upon impact with a ball.

In conclusion, it is also important to know the baseball apparel requirements. You will need gloves (for catchers), knee pads, helmet, chest vest, and baseball shoes. If you are set to buy new baseball apparel, be careful to choose the right quality as there are many bogus products in the market nowadays.

Traditional Ceilidh Dancing at a Scottish Wedding

ceilidh dancingEven when the modern pop and rock music seems to overrun and eradicate Scottish cultures, many Scottish weddings must be spiced up with some traditional music and dance. Ceilidh is one of the most common music outlets in many rural hinterlands throughout the country. Some of the music is also mixed with modern pop music and blended with a Scottish country dancing, which involves special dance steps that alternate with the songs.

As a popular wedding party music, you can watch the dancers performing by an assortment of flute, fiddle, whistle, tin, or an accordion while guitarists and drummers complement the entire outlet. The music itself is lively and cheerful, and that is why any Scottish wedding will never go without it. The ‘prince’ and ‘princess’ can make their wedding a memorable with a Ceilidh couple dance that is performed in a ring. Interestingly, this couple’s dance can be enjoyed by men and women at the wedding party by moving towards each other at the end of each steps repetition. It is just amazing.

Ceilidh-DancingIn Scotland, privately organized ceilidhs are quite popular nowadays. Ceilidh bands are hired to provide incredible post-entertainment for wedding parties in order to provide versatile performances as well as flexible sorts of dances. Since the wedding couples are also ‘part of the dance’, as a sign of inclusiveness, they need to understand how these dancing steps are done prior to their special day. Nothing sophisticated beyond following a rhythm and music beat, and therefore anyone can do it for fun!

However, I would like to remind you about the right dancing shoes. Of course, you might be quite busy choosing the wedding attires but don’t forget to consider the aspect of dancing. In most weddings, a princess will want to give their guests an occasional peek of an exquisite pair of shoes. That is very true because your shoes must not be boring, but they should combine both style, fashion, and function. If you really admire dancing the Ceilidh music during the evening entertainment, here are the tips to help you choose the best pair of shoes.

Choosing the Right Shoes

Pick the right shoes for your day

While shopping around for the best wedding shoes, you will come across many mind-blowing options. Perhaps, you may like a pair of skyscraper heels – this is fine! However, you need to figure out the ease of walking down the aisle in them. Remember, you will pose for endless photographs and dance in them too. Trembling around in too high heels may not look good, not to mention the embarrassment of catching your dress.

Wear them first

Many couples will buy their wedding shoes and keep them until that special day. This is not bad, but it is necessary to wear them a week before and walk in them around the house – on the carpet. They will be molded appropriately to fit your feet without unwelcoming discomforts during your ‘big’ day. Wearing them around the house does not spoil them either! If you have problematic feet, you might want to check yourcomfyfeet.com

Ask about the venue requirement

Ceilidh dancing shoesThis is very important because there are some venues that ban some types of high heels, especially the stiletto ones, to protect the wooden floor. If you are going to dance some Ceilidh music, such high heels are not fit for a wooden floor. Apart from destroying the floor, you may tip easily while dancing or walking!

Check the season

For instance, if you are having a wedding during a winter season, you need some wedding boots so that you can walk through the puddles easily. This means you will wear your wedding heels while in the venue, but switch to wedding boots when in the outdoor grounds.

Match the shoes and the wedding dress

This can seem too obvious to consider, but it can be awkward if your shoes and dress do not match perfectly. Take a swatch of the wedding dress fabric while searching for the shoes to ensure that it matches up well. In short, make sure the color does not clash!

Last but not least, if you have a traditional wedding dress, your shoes can help you to make a statement. No need to wear ivory, instead, scarlet heels can splash some visual fancy color. Also, do not forget to have a pedicure before the wedding day!

Dry Stone Walling

Dry Stone WallingWhen it comes to aesthetic, every setting has its own characteristic. Whether it is urban or rural, there are structures that complement well with a certain surrounding. A club or a social facility in a city will definitely be fenced using bricks, glass, or steel. Let us take an example of a proposed football stadium that is supposed to be constructed in one of the cities in Scotland. Perhaps, it must be fenced using permanent materials such that any future changes will only be made within the facility.

Alright, let us look at another example of may be a proposed caber toss game center in Scotland. This is one of the highland games whereby a facility may be better located in the outskirts of the urban areas, or simply in the countryside. A rural setting is featured by vegetation and other natural phenomena, which are not found in urban areas. Therefore, it will be more sensible to match the natural beauty of the rural area with a simple fence that does not degrade its existing aesthetic value.

Now, which is that simple and less expensive fencing option? Okay, it is a dry stone wall that is constructed by stacking stones without the use of concrete to hold them together. Even though they are not held in place by mortar, a dry stone wall is generally strong and can last for many years. Unlike brick walls, it is relatively cheaper in terms of money to stack the stones even a mile after another. In case changes are required in future, taking the stones down and transferring them to a new place is also cheaper and less time-consuming.

If there is a plan to construct a small recreational center somewhere in the urban periphery, consider fencing it with a dry stone wall unless you want to build a permanent border. If you like the idea, probably you will want to know how it is done. Dry stone walling is something you can do on your own as long as you have the resources (stones). You don’t need to be highly skilled to stack the stones but it is also advisable to have a basic knowledge, anyway.

How to Build a Dry Stone Wall

recreational center with dry stoneThe first step is to prepare the ground by clearing any bushes and thickets so that you can make a foundation. Before starting to lay the foundation, the stones should be sorted based on sizes, from small, medium, to large stones. Mark the area where the wall should be built using taut lines of strings, chalk drawing lines, or wooden stakes.

Estimate the wideness of the wall, but it should be reasonable so that you don’t use too many stones. Once you have identified the width and marked the area properly, you can start piling the stones in layers. Ensure every layer is tightly packed with stones, but there should be a few larger stones packed with their longest edges spanning the wall’s width. Other many smaller stones should be also included in between the larger ones.

Ensure very few gaps are left so that the layers can appear tightly packed like jigsaw joined pieces. Remember, a dry stone wall can take a relatively long time to complete. Therefore, spare your time to do a perfect job. Once a layer is finished, you start the next one. However, you can alternate a layer of large stones so that it compensates the gap in a previous layer.

Dry Stone Walling Apparel

recreational centerThis is something you should not overlook while you prepare to build your dry stone wall. Your safety is very important when handling stones, which may fall on your feet or cause abrasive injuries on your hands. So, you need proper builders gloves that can resist abrasion, cut, tear, and puncture. There are many gloves including those palm coated options, though they come in a variety of prices. You can as well find high-quality cheaper gloves in the market.

Last but not least, you need working boots used in construction sites. There are many types of work boots, but you need to check the features based on the job. For dry stone walling jobs, you need boots with high-quality toe protection, impact resistant material, comfortable cushioning, and sweat absorption features.